LRAE ActiveBrace

The Lumbar Relief Analog Exoskeleton (LRAE for short) : A simple and compact solution for injury in the workforce

Lightest Exoskeleton

Weighing only 8 lbs, the LRAE weighs almost half as much as the average school backpack.

Active Support

No Electronics, No Pneumatics, No Problem. Simply Mechanical and Ready to work when you are.

Easy Maintanance

Using standard screws the LRAE can be maintained, adjusted, or disassembled by practically everyone!

Streamline Design

Form-Fit framework conforms to your body to keep you moving as you normally would, just better.

Bespoke Fit

Everyone’s bodies are different. 11 adjustable anchoring straps and 36 Framework variations ensure your best fit!

Work Better

Focused on isolating fatigue and injury, the LRAE  supports proper posture and lifting form to help you WORK BETTER.


Nested Spinal Assembly

Composed of 6 points of articulation and 4 Torsion assemblies, the Nested Spinal Assembly provides posture support while maintaining a comfortable range of motion. By combining a rigid yet articulated structure and padded contact points, the nested spinal assembly supports the posture throughout the day and helps with correct alignment of the back.


Flex Cartridges

The balanced combination of support and strength. These patented actuators are positioned on the hips and knees adding variable tension for standing assistance and lifting support. The enclosed cartridges contain variable strength options of patented actuation components to meet your needs!


Modular and Adjustable Framework

The LRAE ActiveBrace™ is designed to fit most industrial body support needs. Lightweight Aluminum framework weighing 7lbs pushes the benchmark of lightest weight-to-utility ratio in the entire exoskeleton market. The ergonomic design of the LRAE allows the device to conform to most body shapes with its 18 adjustment positions on the waist, hips, and knees.


Budget Friendly

Exoskeletons aren’t widely adopted—why? Large upfront cost and expensive maintenance. The LRAE was made to mitigate the concerns of consumers at providing an effective support system at a fraction of the price. Sample orders of 20pcs or less are only $400.00 USD


Costs by employers on employee back injuries


Average back injury workers comp claim


Workers affected by overexertion and bodily fatigue


Compound annual growth rate

Workforce Injuries

Healthcare and industrial markets hold massive opportunity to implement positive change for their personnel.