UFLEX ActiveBrace

Increase knee performance with the UFLEX ActiveBrace™ , a skillful combination of comfort, compression, support, and active assistance.

Live Stronger

UFLEX provides support, assistance, and dynamic dampening , all while strengthening your knee!

Increase Performance

UFLEX Includes two floating FLEX stabilizers to assist dynamic movement, dampen shock, and train your knee to PERFORM BETTER.

Continuous Support

Light Breathable compression paired with our Flex Stabilizers preserve natural movement without sacrificing lateral support and everyday assistance.

Custom Comfort

Using simple stretch body and dual elastic straps provide personalized comfort and Optimal Fit !


Flex Stabilizers

Originating from the parent technology in the LRAE, the UFLEX Brace utilizes lightweight Flex Stabilizers. These stabilizers allow a controlled, supportive, and assistive range of motion. In addition to supporting the natural motion of the knee the UFLEX provides 10lbs of force in straightening the leg, as well as working to passively strengthen the knee.

Yes, UFLEX improves your performance in and outside of wearing the brace!


Made for you

No two people are the same! Proper fit is essential to assisting joint performance. To accommodate the hundreds of varying sizes The UFLEX contains multiple soft adjustable straps to ensure proper fit on most wearers.  The multiple adjustment straps allow for firm support and compression while maintaining comfort.


Reduce fatigue and increase support

Looking for a way to reduce fatigue and increase support during the workday? Our passive exoskeleton is designed to help you stay strong and supported all day long. With six flex cartridges and two multi-articulated lumbar beams, the LRAE provides extra support and reduces fatigue.


Workers experience knee injuries on the job a year


The two most common workplace knee injuries include strains or sprains, which account for 46% of injuries.


Contusions and abrasions account for 30% of workplace injuries

Workforce Injuries

Healthcare and industrial markets hold massive opportunity to implement positive change for their personnel.